THOMAS DAKIN Small Batch Gin

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Thomas Dakin Gin is a classic style London Dry Gin which takes its name from the forefather of English gin, Thomas Dakin, who created the worlds first quality gin in 1761 in the North West of England. Thomas Dakin Gin is distilled in small batches in a baby copper pot still. The Master Distiller uses a secret recipe of eleven botanicals, including juniper, orange peel and English coriander with the unique addition of red cole to give the gin its long, lingering finish. Horseradish, or red cole, was used to revive weary travellers journeying by coach and horses from London to Scotland. Thanks to its unique taste, Thomas Dakin makes a refreshingly different Gin and Tonic garnished with orange and an optional sprig of coriander. Nose Juniper perfumed notes upfront with sweet orange and citrus aromas and a hint of red cole botanical at the end. Taste Smooth, intense and piquant which softens, leaving a sweet citrus and savoury taste.
Finish Medium to long lingering finish.
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