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Sipsmiths award-winning London Dry Gin is the quintessential expression of a classic and traditional gin.
Sipsmith. Why Sipsmith Well, much the same way that wordsmiths like to create all things wordical, we like to make all things sippical. Like gin. In 2009, on a mission to bring gin of uncompromising quality and character back to the city where it all began, Sipsmith threw open the doors to a traditional copper distillery which no one had done in London for nearly 200 years. Sipsmith has since won over 30 international awards for its remarkable quality gin.
Bold, complex and aromatic – smooth enough for a Martini, but rich and balanced, perfect for a G&T.
Mellow rounded juniper notes and zesty, citrus freshness on the nose. On the palate, the dry juniper leads, then reveals lemon tart & orange marmalade, before all the flavours harmonise to give a spicy finish.
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