APPLE 27" iMac
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APPLE 27" iMac

At  Dixons Travel
Available at Heathrow Terminal 2, 3, 4, 5
Heathrow Price: £1,349.00

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OS X Mavericks

Navigating the iMac is simple and enjoyable thanks to the impressive OS X Mavericks operating system. Based around the customisable Dock; programs, options, files and folders can be placed where you see fit, letting you access your favourite content and software in seconds.

Mavericks features the Notification Centre, a handy application that delivers messages and prompts from software, emails and messages regardless of what you're working on.

Along with updates to performance and visuals, it supports all major Apple software and features, including AirPlay, iTunes and iCloud, letting you integrate all your favourite Apple devices for seamless everyday computing.

Powerful performance

From intensive media editing and music production to simply enjoying films and the web at its best, you can expect flawless performance thanks to Intel processing. Delivering an impressive TurboBoost clock speed, you can rely on the iMac for fast computing, whatever the task.

Multitasking and demanding processes are aided by 8 GB of RAM that makes for smooth computing, regardless of how many instances of software or tabs you're working on.

A large 1 TB hard drive provides files storage and is capable of securing your precious personal files along with a wealth of media and project files.

Space saving design

At 40% thinner than previous generations, the iMac occupies far less space for a classic yet contemporary profile.

It's not all form over function either, as the IPS panel sits flusher to the glass screen for improved clarity and reduced reflections. It's energy efficient too, using up to 50% less energy while idling.

Beautiful computing

The iMac features an incredibly detailed full HD screen, letting you enjoy the best of films, photos and everyday browsing while the stunningly crafted case houses all you need for high-performance modern computing, including four USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt inputs.

Included is a wireless keyboard and Apple's impressive Magic Mouse. Along with the time-tested computer control, the Magic Mouse supports instinctive gestures which allow you to swipe the top of the mouse to seamlessly move between screens, software and options

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