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Caviar House & Prunier
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The Balik Overture is a small portion of the entire Balik Side.
In 1978, Hans G. Kübel built with the help of the grandson of the purveyor to the last Russian tsar, Israel Kaplan, the first oven to smoke salmon in the Toggenburg. A few weeks later, he introduced the Balik Side Classic to the gourmet scene of Switzerland. It was the first side of salmon that had already been parried, e.g. exempted of fishbones and smoking skin.
The carefully selected salmon (Salmo salar) is lightly smoked in our traditional smoking kiln. Following smoking, the sides of salmon are trimmed and then manually cut into thin slices.
We suggest that you enjoy the Balik Overture Pure Classic with crème fraîche and freshly ground black pepper.
One Balik Overture contains five to six slices of smoked salmon.

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