CAVIAR HOUSE & PRUNIER Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj - No. 1 Black Edition

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Caviar House & Prunier
Heathrow Terminal


LIMITED EDITION (fewer than 1,000 fillets of the Balik No. 1 are produced every year)
The Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj is the coronation of the Balik art of smoking salmon.
Everything about its production is unique: Prepared and smoked in the original Balik cold smoking kiln following the recipe of the purveyor to the court of the last Russian tsar, Nikolaj II., the Balik Fillet No. 1 uses carefully selected salmon from the shores of the Barents Sea above Norway. Smoked with a premium salt over wooden logs that have been seasoned and dried for a minimum of ten years, the Balik Fillet No. 1 has a full-bodied taste, resonant with the perfect balance of salmon, smoke and salt. Also with this product, we are guided by experience and driven by passion!
Both Balik Farm and Caviar House & Prunier insist on the exceptional quality and rigorous selection of Salmo Salar salmon for the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet.

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